Youth Football @ Ferndale High School

Now that my nephew’s have graduated and are no longer playing football, I decided to go check out a couple games of youth tackle football at Ferndale High School on a very hot Saturday afternoon. The level these kids play is pretty incredible and for many of these kids this was their first game of tackle football. I can’t help but think that a lot of these kids will be competing with and against each other on this same field some day when they are in high school. After the games it was cute watching the parents take photos of their kids with sweaty heads of hair from wearing their helmet all game… and hearing the kids say “did you see when I did (insert awesome play here).”

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Mt. Baker vs. JLGC

Dawson Construction vs. Lummi Island Firefighters

Here are some photos from the two games…


Johannah Nelson - Thank you so much! These are amazing! Keep coming back!~

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