Seattle Wedding Photographer – TLC’s “Four Weddings” Photo Booth

I was hired by super sweet Harmony to have my photo booth at her and Andrew’s Fremont Abbey wedding reception… little did I know that she was going to be a part of TLC’s Four Weddings! For those that don’t know, Four Weddings is a reality show where four brides go to each others weddings and rank them based on the bride’s dress, food, venue and overall experience. The winner gets a dream honeymoon to some amazing location like Bora Bora. The episode is expected to run in November… I will keep you all posted so you don’t miss it! Obviously I haven’t seen the other weddings, but I’m pretty sure with Harmony’s vintage reception and my photo booth, she and Andrew are sure to win!

And for those that commute, you may have known Harmony from the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Twitter and social media feeds.


Harmony and Andrew’s “Four Weddings” Photo Booth – Images by Four Weddings TLC Photo Booth | Bayne Photography


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