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    I have loved photography since I was at least in the 3rd grade and got my first camera for my birthday that year. I took that little 210 film camera everywhere I went and have been capturing the world around me ever since. I love being a photographer. From weddings to families to senior portraits... it's all so much fun! If you have a question, click on the Contact button above. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do. -Rachel Bayne

Mike and Nicole: Married August 19, 2011 @ The Golf Club at Newcastle

Mike and Nicole are soooo in love. He sent her a bouquet of different color roses each day the week of the wedding and a note explaining what the color of the roses mean to him. Oh, and he surprised her while she was on a tour in Italy at the famous Trevi Fountain… he told her he couldn’t get time off of work to make the trip with her. If that wasn’t enough, he proposed to her. What a guy! Fast forward to their amazing wedding… Nicole and Mike had every detail beautifully planned. The Golf Club at Newcastle has the most amazing view of Seattle, the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Thankfully the day was just as beautiful and photographing them along with Mike’s son Parker was so much fun. I love it that they included Parker in just about every facet of the day. His toothless grin and freckles were so adorable!

I first met Mike and Nicole at Ryan and Ellie’s wedding that I photographed last summer. Nicole was a bridesmaid. The two of them practically stared into each others eyes all night… it was easy to see that they would be getting married soon, and when Nicole’s parents each asked for my card, I knew it couldn’t be far off! Congrats to you both!

Check out Nicole’s shoes that she got in Italy after Mike proposed…

One of Mike’s bouquet of roses and a note…Could Parker be any cuter? I’m glad the Too Fairy decided to take his front teeth before the wedding day! Here Mike and Parker get ready together.I always love the moments when couples are walking to and from portraits… look at them looking at each other!I love that Mike and Nicole included Parker in their portraits…Nicole is looking at Parker and Mike…Mike’s “we’re married” look!This moment of Mike reaching back to grab Parker’s hand is so sweet…Parker got to be a witness…Newcastle has beautiful and delicious food…Cocktail hour…Nothing like a little game of “pull my finger!”Kids table…Nicole had a charm with a photo of her grandma tied to her bouquet…I think I’ve had that same look when staring at cake… and Parker shows Nicole where he stuck his finger in the frosting…Unbelievable view…Bagpiper Neil Hubbard plays his pipes every summer evening…Nicole’s grandparents dance on their anniversary…Ryan and Ellie!Nicole’s sister gets the bouquet…


Mary Stuckenschneider - We’ve been so anxious to see the pictures … this is an awesome photo story! Thank you for putting it together!!

Mary, Mom of the Bride

Melaine Ruberg - What a beautiful tribute to an amazing wedding. Nicole and Mike, the way you look at each other says it all!!

Pi Miller - To those that contributed to this photo story—

Clearly the most professional and yet personal wedding album I have ever seen.

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom as well as the parents of this happy couple.

Bev and I send our love and prayers.

Jen Davis - I was definitely thinking of you all (and Mom Mary especially)on this special day…and now thanks to these amazing photos, I feel like I was there! Wishing Nicole and Mike the very best!!

Andrew Smail (Newcastle Wedding Photographer) - Hi, I’m a wedding photographer from Newcastle in the UK. I was doing some research and came across your site. Nice pictures! And nice website too! Andrew

Dani and Sam… July 30, 2011

Dani and Sam met in the 6th grade when Sam’s family moved to the area from Uzbekistan… while Sam was friends with Dani and her siblings since then, they didn’t start dating until after Dani finished college. Dani’s dad remembers talking with Sam during their high school after hours graduation party and thinking he had a good head on his shoulders and was motivated to be successful. He had no idea then that this high school kid  that he was impressed with would one day marry his daughter! Fast forward to New Years Day 2011 when I first met Dani for our initial meeting… we figured out that we attended Washington State University at the same time… I knew then that she was going to be a fun bride to work with and that her soon to be husband must be pretty cool as well! Turns out, I was right. What a fun wedding they had… the colors were awesome and the wedding party and families were so much fun. The original florist for the wedding did a less than acceptable job and thankfully one of Dani’s co-workers asked a florist friend if she could save the day… and she did. The bouquets and large ceremony arraignments were so incredibly beautiful and exactly what Dani had dreamed of. It was an amazing day and I can’t wait for baby Shakhramanov’s!

Dani’s sister reacts to seeing her gorgeous bouquet…I love Dani’s colors!Cell phone screens make for a good mirror in a pinch…Some of my favorite shots take place in between setting up shots…Tacoma’s Landmark Convention Center has the most amazing rooftop view of Mt. Rainier!I grew up near Tacoma and miss seeing Mt. Rainier every day!Dani hadn’t seen her wedding bands before this moment… you can tell she was checking it on the left and her reaction on the right!Checking out the bling!Sam’s brother congratulates Dani…I LOVE their “Shakhramanov’s” sign!
Dani and Sam gave their guests “two peas in a pod” salt and pepper shakers… so cute!Dani’s new sister-in-law and nephew…Dani’s co-workers…The view from the rooftop deck…Dani’s sister describes how she accidentally hit Sam’s prized Toyota Tercel that he tried to make look like a BMW. She was just a little scared of how he would react… The story continues…Dani’s parents…Watching the slideshow…Erin’s sister (and the rest of her family) is hilarious!Sam’s mom gave such a sweet speech…She says how Sam said he wouldn’t marry until his Grandma from Uzbekistan could be there…Dani, I hope you enjoy your moment of glory and fame!


Misty and Justin: July 29, 2011 @ Evergreen Gardens

I’m pretty sure Misty and Justin’s wedding is one of the most fun weddings I’ve photographed! These two are just so in love and have such amazing friends and family that kept me laughing the entire day. They met when Justin was a bouncer at The Royal and Misty worked at the Pita Pit across the street. When Justin was done working, he would go over to the Pita Pit and see Misty. Fast forward a few years later and not only did they get married, but Misty just started veterinary school at my Alma Mater, Washington State University. (Go Cougs!) I’d write more about the wedding but I’m pretty sure the photos will do all the talking… good luck to both of you in Pullman and hopefully I’ll see you over there this year!

One of Justin’s bestmen helps him with his hair…I just love the way they look at each other…Justin ran into the ceremony to the theme song from Rocky!Misty and Justin say that their love for each other is “bigger than the sky” and engraved it on their rings.They had Funfetti cake!So everything was going just fine until the groomsmen picked up Misty……which gave Misty’s bridemaids an idea… which didn’t exactly go as planned! Thank goodness for Spanks!Then I notice the groomsmen behind some trees… they were taking their shirts off to mimic how Justin dress in junior high… he liked to show his guns off!Trying to get Justin to take his shirt off…This was my first official game of chicken at a wedding…Picking up the big guy wasn’t a good idea…

I turned around and every guest was watching and taking picture. Love it!Justin finally gave in and took his shirt off… time to show off their muscles!Misty used to be a roller derby girl on the Roller Betties…Contraband.Well, if you’re painting a car, why not pick it up? Maybe because the car alarm will go off! No worries, just pick it up to a 45 degree angle from the back and it will go off…Success, the alarm went off!Congrats, you two!


Laurel McConnell - Great shots Rachel! What a fun group! LOVE the ones of the kids running in the field, and the emotional dancing…. nice work, girl!

admin - Thanks, Laurel! It was such a fun wedding.

Stephanie and Rob… married July 22, 2011 @ Evergreen gardens

Fun people with great style are two of my favorite qualities in a couple… Stephanie and Rob are both! You might remember them from their engagement session at UW… and their friends Kristina and Jeff who referred them to me. Stephanie and Rob did everything right with their wedding at Evergreen Gardens… they had fun details all over the place! This was one of those weddings when I looked at the time and realized I was almost done. The entire day was so fun and filled with laughter (especially when Rob’s dad gave his speech! The flower girls and the ring bearers were so crazy cute! Everything was just perfect with their wedding… I hope you guys had and amazing day!Rob hides his face so he won’t see Stephanie while on his way to the groom’s room…Wait until you see these two later!Kristina, left, was a bride of mine in 2010!Rob waits to walk down the aisle…Rob’s mom said to Stephanie “I love you for loving my son.”The kids at Stephanie and Rob’s wedding were so cute!Stephanie and Rob’s flower girl chase after their ring bearer all night… and I don’t think he minded at all!Slideshow!Rob’s parents gave him and Stephanie their invitation signed by Manny Pacquiao!Photo booth fun…