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    I have loved photography since I was at least in the 3rd grade and got my first camera for my birthday that year. I took that little 210 film camera everywhere I went and have been capturing the world around me ever since. I love being a photographer. From weddings to families to senior portraits... it's all so much fun! If you have a question, click on the Contact button above. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do. -Rachel Bayne

Central Washington Football vs. Western Oregon University

So the morning after Maya and Albert’s wedding, my mom, brother, and sister made the drive to Monmouth, Oregon to see my nephew play against Western Oregon University. Because of my wedding schedule I am not able to see him play very often so I have to take advantage of the weekends I have off even if it means driving 644 miles round trip!

After a very, very slow first half for the defense and offense, the Central Washington Wildcats came back to win 31-24. My nephew was named the conference player of the week after 197 yards receiving on 11 catches and 2 touchdowns! He had a game winning 71-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Mike Reilly. It was a long day but so worth it!

Game winning, 71-yard touchdown reception by my nephew! If only I was on the other side of him!


Maya and Albert: September 12, 2008

Maya and Albert picked Sanders Mansion as the location for the ceremony and reception for their Friday evening wedding and it couldn’t have been more beautiful! Albert’s family and friends who traveled the east coast meshed so well with Maya’s local friends. Maya was an absolutely gorgeous bride and planned every detail perfectly for her and Albert’s wedding.

Albert’s son Mason didn’t want to hold hands with Olivia the flower girl after I asked him to give her a kiss on the cheek! Olivia also refused to kiss Mason on the cheek…Maya, right, her sister and a friend watch guests arrive from an upstairs window at Sanders Mansion…Check out this adorable ring bearer box that Alber’ts son Mason carried down the aisle…Olivia was the most precise (and adorable!) flower girl I’ve ever photographed…


iisha - seeing these pictures put the biggest smile on my face!! how perfect!Rachel, thank you so much for your incredible dedication and work that gorgeous day!

Jason and Tina: September 6, 2008

There is no other way to describe Tina and Jason’s wedding except funny and full of love! Every moment was had laughter. I loved that Jason gave an origami crane demonstration at the reception. The ceremony was held at the Hillcrest Chapel in Fairhaven where Tina works and the couple attends church. Flowers were by the fabulous Wing and a Prayer Floral. Reception was held at The Majestic and dinner was done by friends. I had so much fun photographing Tina and Jason and their bridal party. Thanks for such a fun day!


Daniel and Liz: August 30, 2008

Daniel and Liz’s wedding was at the most uniue and amazing venue I’ve ever been to… the woods at his parent’s property on Chuckanut near Bellingham. Some of the 150 or so guests were seated in chairs while others sat on benches made from wood from the forest and blankets on a slope above the ceremony. Thankfully the ceremony was about an hour long which gave me plenty of time to photograph the amazing beauty! The reception followed at Daniel’s parent’s home with a BBQ and lots and lots of food including several different kinds of cheesecakes made by a family friend. Toasts and prayers concluded the evening.


Sarah and Scott: August 24, 2008

Rain was the word of the day for Sarah and Scott’s August wedding at Evergreen Gardens. Thankfully they both had great attitudes about the weather and were just happy to be getting married! The food from Moveable Feast Catering was amazing as well as the full size cake shaped like a guitar. The weather could have been better but thanks to their families and the owners of Evergreen Gardens the wedding and reception were absolutely beautiful.