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    I have loved photography since I was at least in the 3rd grade and got my first camera for my birthday that year. I took that little 210 film camera everywhere I went and have been capturing the world around me ever since. I love being a photographer. From weddings to families to senior portraits... it's all so much fun! If you have a question, click on the Contact button above. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do. -Rachel Bayne

Mackenzie and Matthew: July 11, 2009

I was referred to Matt and Mackenzie by their maid of honor Courtney who was a bridesmaid in a wedding I did a couple years ago. Thanks Courtney!!!

Matt could not stop smiling whenever he looked at Mackenzie. Even when I needed him to keep a straight face for a photo, it would only last a couple seconds before the smile came back! There is something truly special about them.

Their ceremony and reception were held at the South County Senior Center in Edmonds, Washington… yes, that’s correct, a senior center. It is located right on the Puget Sound next to the Edmonds Ferry. The price is great and the view is amazing. I highly recommend it to everyone.

So we’re doing some bridal party photos on the beach near the senior center… and this biker dude just comes up and says he wants to kiss the bride! I don’t think anyone knew what to do except laugh!Right before the ceremony Mackenzie got so emotional she started to cry… so sweet!I love this shot of them looking at each other during the ceremony…Mackenzie surprised Matt with a special dance she choreographed with her bridesmaids…Matt, Mackenzie and their guests took full advantage of my photo booth!


Brad and Sarah: July 10, 2009

Brad and Sarah’s weddings was held at the scenic Tail Skid Meadows in Custer, Washington just north of Bellingham. What I love so much about them is that they are so laid back and don’t seem to stress about too much. Brad and his groomsmen wore linen pants and shirts which was perfect for the super hot day! I had such a great time at this wedding, especially since J. Russell Catering did the food!

Brad got so choked up he couldn’t say his vows…Sarah tries to cram Brad’s ring on his finger…I love how Brad is checking out Sarah’s ring while his groomsmen signs the marriage certificate…Brad and Sarah look at his ring as they walk toward the reception area…I LOVE J. Russell Catering… their food is so delicious and so beautiful… plus their staff is just so much fun to work with.

Brad and Sarah gave each of their guests a Colorado Blue Spruce seedling to plant…How cute is Brad’s groomsmen going for the garter?


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Saboora and Shon: July 4, 2009

Saboora was born in California and is of Pakistani decent, while Shon was born in Texas and raised on the move with his carnie family. They met while living in Tennessee and decided to get married in Washington where Saboora’s family live. The night before the wedding day was the traditional Mehndi Ceremony for the bride where she is greeted by family and friends who give her sweets and henna. The wedding ceremony was held at the University of Washington’s Islamic House and reception was held at Lairmont Manor in Bellingham.


Nadene (Bride's new Sis.) - Wow. These are truely amazing!

Choti Nasreen - These are really amazing – well done!

Sonya - Your photos are stunning. The moments were captured so well. Kudos!

Laura and Thoren: June 13, 2009

You know a wedding went well for you as a photographer when the grandparents hug you goodbye. Laura and Thoren and their family and friends made me feel like a part of the family at their wedding which was held at the beautiful wedding at The Willows on Lummi Island. The laid back feel of island life rubbed off on everyone who attended. The food, done by The Willows, and the dessert, done by Andi at Pure Bliss Desserts, were amazing! I highly recommend Pure Bliss Desserts for any occasion, not just weddings. Thanks to Laura and Thoren for not only a great day but for inviting me to their BBQ the following weekend!

Strawberry shortcake from Pure Bliss Desserts!The rings on a chocolate torte from Pure Bliss Desserts…Thoren’s dad dances Laura’s socks off…