Misty and Justin… Bellingham engagement photography!

Misty and Justin are just awesome. They are cool and laid back and have a great style. They met while Justin was working at a downtown bellingham club called The Royal and Misty worked late night at the Pita Pit right across the street. When the bar closed, Justin would visit Misty and use his bouncer skills to kick out all the weirdos who were just crashing at the Pita Pit. They now live in Seattle but will move to Pullman, Washington, where Misty will be starting veterinary school at my alma mater Washington State University (Go Cougs!!!). Nothing like planning a wedding and moving across the state at roughly the same time. I can’t wait to see them at the July 29, 2011 wedding at Evergreen Gardens (just north of Bellingham, Washington) and talk about all the places they should eat and visit in the Palouse! At this very moment I could go for some almond chicken from New Garden and ice cream from Ferdinand’s!

Misty and Justin’s wedding is gonna be a blast! Come back in August to see their wedding update.


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