Kate and Kyle: September 6, 2010

Kate and Kyle’s morning wedding was the last in my marathon of fourteen weddings in eleven weeks this summer! Their loving families and personal details really made this wedding special… oh, and did I mention the yummy breakfast pastries? Their wedding ceremony was held at Believer’s Fellowship in Gig Harbor where Kate’s Dad is the ministries director. He walked her down the aisle and then married Kyle to his daughter. After the ceremony, we all went to the Pagoda at Pt. Defiance in Tacoma for the breakfast reception. The weather was a little iffy during our early portraits but warmed up for some more portraits at the park. Thanks to Kate and Kyle for a wonderful wedding!

Kyle and his groomsmen each had different fun ties… my personal favorite is the one with cameras!

Kate’s nephew carries a T-Rex down the aisle to hold the rings instead of a pillow… very cool!

Kate is emotional as her dad walks her down the aisle…

I think this moment was as funny for Kate and Kyle as it was for me, but for different reasons… For me to get to where they were combining two trees together, I had to climb through a forest of trees on the stage… They’re laughing because combining the trees was more difficult then they had imagined!

Not only where these pastries delicious, I love how they were displayed…

Each table had jars with funny questions for the guests to answer and put in the guest book…

Kate and Kyle had wedding photos from their parents and grandparents displayed along with stories of their wedding day.

This is the T-Rex Kate’s nephew carried down the aisle with the rings…Kate’s thumbprint is on the inside of Kyle’s ring…I love this photo of Kate’s nephew… I realized during the family portraits that I went to high school with his dad. Small world!One of Kate’s niece drew this picture for them…Another of Kate’s nieces loves Kyle’s beard…. and by love, I mean she likes to rub her face against it!Kyle was surprised by the Oreo’s on the back window of his beloved Subaru…


Jim Haugen - Wonderful pictures!

Janice Hurley-Trailor - Beautiful very very artistic and well dones. I was there at this special occasion and I love how you caught the flavor of thier individuality. I particulalry like the way you grouped the wedding party. Excellent.

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