Now Booking Fall Mini Sessions!

Football is back, kids are in school, pumpkin spice lattes are at Starbucks, which means…. Fall Minis are right around the corner! I have four areas I’ll be photographing… Bellingham this Sunday is very limited, maybe only 2 or 3 spots available.

Please email me at to schedule your portraits!




Kristine and Thad @ Bellingham Ferry Terminal

One day while working for the Bellingham Herald I was assigned to photograph an iris garden in Deming, WA. There I met Kristine who is the caretaker of the decades old garden that is open to the public in May when the tall bearded irises. She sells the iris rhizomes and the proceeds support the garden. After that year I photographed her several times during iris season. So when I got the email to photograph her wedding I was so excited! I had also photographed her brother at Mount Baker High School and had met her mom at the garden so I felt like I knew her family. Thad and Kristine are so great together… they both enjoy life to it’s fullest and are just SO happy!

The ceremony was held at the garden which is on property that was homesteaded in 1894 by Kristine’s family. The weather was really iffy before the ceremony but thankfully held off and it was amazing! I just can’t begin to describe how beautiful and peaceful it is there. We went to Taylor Dock in Bellingham for more portraits and then over to the Bellingham Ferry Terminal, a fantastic venue, just southwest on the shoreline of Bellingham Bay. It was such a heartwarming and wonderful day!



TLC’s “Four Weddings” Photo Booth

I was hired by super sweet Harmony to have my photo booth at her and Andrew’s Fremont Abbey wedding reception… little did I know that she was going to be a part of TLC’s Four Weddings! For those that don’t know, Four Weddings is a reality show where four brides go to each others weddings and rank them based on the bride’s dress, food, venue and overall experience. The winner gets a dream honeymoon to some amazing location like Bora Bora. The episode is expected to run in November… I will keep you all posted so you don’t miss it! Obviously I haven’t seen the other weddings, but I’m pretty sure with Harmony’s vintage reception and my photo booth, she and Andrew are sure to win!

And for those that commute, you may know Harmony from the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Twitter and social media feeds.


Harmony and Andrew’s “Four Weddings” Photo Booth – Images by Rachel Bayne


Marriage Equality for ALL!!!!!

Congrats on love winning!!! DOMA was struck down by the Supreme Court of the United State of America allowing families across this great country to be recognized as equal!

In celebration of LOVE, I will be at Seattle’s PrideFest this Sunday June 30, at the wedding expo in Fisher Pavilion. I’ll be introducing my Micro Wedding package for couples wanting fantastic wedding photography but who aren’t having a full wedding. These are available Monday through Fridays and select weekends.

Those visiting my booth will receive the PrideFest discount! Tell your friends and loved ones to visit me… I’ll be giving away an hour session that you can use for engagement, wedding or family photography!

As a gay woman myself, this decision is extremely important to my wife and my future family. We are now equal.

Congrats to all the loving families, gay and straight, across these United States who are celebrating LOVE and EQUALITY today!!!




Yahir and Chloe: Yakima, Washington…

Yahir and Chloe’s wedding was a photographer’s dream. The weather threatened to pour a good part of the day (it only sprinkled!), but with that anxiety came some amazing light… and thankfully we had a TON of time for portraits! Yahir’s family catered most of the food… normally that would worry me, but Yahir’s mother and grandmother, and other family and friends, spent days preparing and cooking the most amazing Mexican feast I have ever been to! It was so delicious… and there was tons of it. They also had Super Tacos and Bakery making fresh pork tacos. The wedding party was fun and ready for anything, and, best of all, Chloe and Yahir are soooo in love with each other. They could barely take their eyes off each other all day… and both always had smiles on their faces. It truly was a special day!

It’s never too early for a little wedding cheer!Translating her vows into Spanish…First look…So cute!It was an unbelievable day…Trying to think of a pose…These bridesmaid were ready, Yakima Valley style…Their pup gets ready for the ceremony…Groomsmen looking sharp……and then……notice the blonde laughing at him?…and the other bridesmaid point at her?…and then realizing it was her fault! She had bumped into him without knowing… it was pretty funny!Yahir’s uncle, left, performed the ceremony…I believe the tequila was made by one of Yahir’s uncles…Yahir kept egging on his guys to keep cheering for him…Then the strangest thing happened… Yahir and Chloe were made to get on chairs and hold hands, creating an arch below them. The women ran through the arch holding hands until Yahir and Chloe couldn’t hold hands any longer…THEN, the guys took their turn and needless to say, it was a little more crazy!Once they broke apart, the guys carried Yahir away…Then tossed him in the air…Good times!